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About the Library
Mission Statement

The mission of the Birmingham Public Library is to provide the highest quality experience to our community for lifelong learning, cultural enrichment and enjoyment.

Mission, Vision, and Values

General Library Information
Library Facilities
  • 18 separate locations
  • 870 hours per week open for business
  • 368,000 total square feet
  • Public spaces for meetings and exhibits
  • Systemwide service from all outlets
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Support the Library
  • Donate Money: Contribute
    • The Birmingham Public Library needs your support. The library is an essential part of Birmingham's life. Your gift helps keep the vital services the library delivers FREE for all of Birmingham.
  • Donate Time: Volunteer
    • Volunteers are an essential part of the daily operations at the Birmingham Public Library (BPL). BPL adult and teen volunteers assist with a number of functions throughout the system, most of which are outlined in the Volunteer Handbook. Through the Volunteer Program, BPL strives to meet two goals: identify system-wide opportunities for volunteers to contribute in an ongoing capacity, and to provide volunteers a meaningful and rewarding volunteer experience.
  • Join The Friends Foundation of the Birmingham Public Library
    • The Friends Foundation of the Birmingham Public Library make it possible for the Library to improve the quality and scope of their services. The Friends are a structured nonprofit association of individuals providing for various special needs of the Birmingham Public Library through community-based efforts. They attend to the Library's needs, generate new ideas, offer advice and encouragement, volunteer their time and energy, and secure financial support.
  • Join the Young Professionals of Birmingham Public Library
    • Why join the Young Professionals of the Birmingham Public Library? BPL's Young Professionals are concerned with the literary culture of the Birmingham region and are committed to making the library the center of lifelong learning for the city. The Young Professionals will provide opportunities for socializing with like-minded people, plan and enjoy literary-based events and intellectually stimulating programming, and exercise leadership and volunteer skills to benefit the Library through regular social events and an annual signature fundraising event.
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